How To Fix Overbite Without Jaw Surgery

Your chin is not as small as it looks. The overbite makes your chin look smaller because the overbite pushes your jaw back towards your throat. The retruded jaw position is what compromises your facial profile. This patient had 10 upper porcelain veneers and 10 lower veneers that made his overbite worse. Porcelain veneers cannot correct overbites. Many patients with overbites experience premature facial collapse due to the retruded jaw position. Instead of surgically cutting your jaws with braces and clear aligners, (which can easily relapse), we have a much more reliable approach that has far less risk. Our method does not cut your jaws to fit your teeth. Instead, we build an individual layer of porcelain over each tooth to fit your teeth to your jaws.

The porcelain layer is called bite restorations and they improve the shapes, sizes, cusp position, jaw position, correct the overbite and greatly improve the color of your teeth. All of your teeth are treated at one time in order to correct the overbite and give cosmetic benefits that are above and beyond the other methods as porcelain veneers and you don’t even need a shot if your teeth are healthy!

Veneers cannot correct overbites and in fact, they make overbites deeper! Besides getting a smile that is beyond veneers, you gain facial support and lip support that can reverse the impact of aging at the source. You can experience a significant reduction in TMJ pain, headaches, and jaw pain with the new jaw position that is tested with JawTrac® before any treatment starts to your teeth. You cannot test jaw surgery, braces, or aligners. These are a comprehensive approach to bite correction that is designed to “optimize” you from every angle and expression without drilling down your healthy teeth. Watch the video.

Dr. Muslin offers a no-surgery overbite correction and receding chin treatment that is effective and can be completed in eight days. No orthognathic surgery, clear aligners or braces, and no downtime. It goes deeper than cosmetic dentistry to improve dental health, while it also creates a beautiful smile.

By using no surjery methods to correct your overbite and receding chin, you will have a balanced bite to compliment your face and have a more attractive and youthful appearance overall.