Invisalign Treatment Plan


0:00 Introduction
1:48 How we develop a treatment plan
3:26 How the software “thinks”
4:00 Difference between Setup and treatment plan
6:12 The 3 people involved in treatment planning
7:24 The process to send a case to ClearTPS
10:15 You are in control
10:56 How to ask for modifications
11:49 The reasons to use a treatment planning service
13:55 Let’s do what we love the most: jump into a case!
14:00 Who do we have?
14:25 The challenge
14:54 What to look for first
15:44 Harmony and symmetry of the face
16:55 Smile analysis
18:38 Profile analysis
20:20 Should you send a ceph
29:38 Let’s look at the teeth
31:48 The treatment planning sent by the doctor
33:43 Clinical preferences
36:32 Let’s look at the ClinCheck®
45:50 What about retention?
49:36 And posterior open bites?
53:30 It’s all about balance
53:10 Conclusion

Our mission is to help dentists and team members to integrate efficiently and successfully clear aligners in their day-to-day practice. We want you to be as comfortable talking about clear aligners to your patient as you are about any type of regular restoration. The vision of our institute that clear aligner treatment becomes as common as any type of regular dentistry performed in a dental office. We see it as part of any comprehensive treatment proposed to your patients. We stands for Clinical Lecture Education Aligner and Restoration. Either it is from live face-to-face courses, from our digital platform or from this YouTube Channel, our goal is to bring you the information and education you need to have success with clear aligners. This is why even is we focus on clear aligners, we also cover subjects as Communication, Finance, Protocols, Roles of everyone, we cover Restoration: what comes after clear aligners? How to integrate everything together.

We are proud to say that we are able to help and give confidence to dentists and team members: we can do the same thing for you! We see ourselves as a spark, a catalyst allowing you to seriously integrate this wonderful tool in your everyday practice. We provide a solid foundation for achieving continued success with clear aligners. We want to create leaders in the field of clear aligners. We want YOU to make the decision that you can do it too. And we want you to maintain that passion and this desire to always learn and always do better. Become a better dentist. And better team members. For us, it’s an honor and a privilege to be able to share our passion and knowledge with our peers.

Who said dentistry and education should be boring❓❗❗❗